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Getting Around The Site
How to Start Making Money!
Getting Around The Site
Getting Paid!

Once you are a member of Treasure Trooper, You need to know what and where things are.

Once you are logged onto Treasure Trooper your page should look like this:



This is the part of the site where all of your offers are located.


This is where you can shop online and get money back from Treasure Trooper at certain stores.


This is where the Daily Survey is located. The Daily Survey is a survey that you can do once every 24 hours. Treasure Trooper pays you $0.75 every time you successfully complete it.


This is where you can trade in your gold coins, which you get after you get an offer approved, and your pearls for cool stuff such as gems, referrals, memorabilia, and much more.


This is where you can view all the money you have made for the current month, and all the money you have ever made using treasure trooper.


This is where you can change your email address, your mailing address, password, and minimum payout.


This is where you can see your guilds progress, if you are in one, throughout the month.
A Guild is a group of 10 members that compete with other guilds for most daily surveys, most offers, most referrals, and most cash shopping done in a single month.


Jack's Jackpot:
"Hello Troopers, And welcome to my JACKPOT. Every month, I'll give away a new jackpot to one lucky trooper. To be eligible for this prize, simply click the button below and complete the offer. For every trooper that completes this offer, I'll add 50 cents to the pot! This is gonna add up quickly, so be sure to enter every month!"
- Jack Amazon

Basically this is the Treasure Trooper lottery.


Members that have a lifetime earnings of at least $500 are invited to join our VIP club. VIP club members receive many benefits including 10 free platinum coins every month, 20 pearls each month, access to the VIP forum (where special contests and giveaways are held), and more!

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