My Treasure Trooper Guide

How to Start Making Money!

How to Start Making Money!
Getting Around The Site
Getting Paid!

Your on your way to start making money with Treasure Trooper...but there are still somethings you need to do.

The first step to making money using treasure trooper is that you need your own personal account. you can make your own account by clicking the picture below.


Now you are ready to begin filling out and completing offers!

Depending on your age, you may be only allowed to do the 100% free offers if your under the age of 18. You can see all the 100% free offers by logging into your treasure trooper account, clicking on Cash Offers, and then selecting the category 100% free and clicking Show.

This is what it should look like:


Don't worry if the offers are the same as in the picture, just as long as the category says "100% free" you are in the right place.

Now if you are over 18 and have access to a credit card, you are able to do all of the offers Treasure Trooper has to offer you. But, dont just complete offers for the money, only do offers that you are interested in. So if you apply to the above your cash offers page should look like this:


Now that you are aware of the different about lets complete one!

First you click on the offer that you want to do.

Next you enter your personal information (Name, Address, Email, etc.). When you enter your information please provide your real information, dont worry you will not receive a lot of junk mail. After you are done with that, hit Submit. Then you will be given a page with a bunch of Yes/No offers. These offers are offers that you may want to sign up too, but dont have to. So if you are interested in a certain Yes/No select Yes. If you aren't interested then select No.

This process of Yes/No offers should last for roughly 7-10 pages. It may be more or less depending on the offer. When you have successfully completed the offer you will be presented with a page that says "Last Step" or "Congratulations" at the top of the page. Once you have received this page you go make to the cash offers page on the treasure trooper website and hit the Done button next to the offer.

Once you have selected Done, you will be eligible to play the pearl game. Once you have 8 pearls, you can trade them into Mabutu's Trading Hut for 2 unreferred members which you will receive 20% of all the money they receive from treasure trooper.

After you have completed your offer, many members delete their cookies from their browser. We do this because many of the advertisers place cookies on their web pages for tracking purposes.

To delete your cookies: Tools, Options, Show Cookies, Remove All Cookies.

Also use CCleaner to get all of the cookies off of your PC.

To Download CCleaner click below:


Now offers can approve anywhere from minutes to days. so please be patient if your offer doesnt approve within the first 5 minutes.

Ready to start making money?

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